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***WARNING*** PLEASE READ- State Portion of test through PSI

***WARNING*** PLEASE READ- State Portion of test through PSI

by Billy Zwiener -
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The WVREC has brought to our attention that people are STRUGGLING with the "state portion" of the exam through PSI. The state portion of this test shouldn't be too hard to know where the questions are coming from because it is ALL from WV Law code 30-40 linked here

Literally^ THAT IS THE LAW CODE THEY TEST ON THE STATE EXAM!!! We go over this in Unit 8 and I have a full review dedicated to JUST THAT INFO called the "state review" at the end of your academic timeline once you have completed the course. 

If you do not take this seriously you will FAIL PSI. Its that simple. This is failing people. This should NOT be failed. We have spent a LOT of time not only going over it once, but also dedicating a full review to it! I also encourage reading over that law code word for word for any portion of my summaries that might not be enough. It is ALL there in that law code.

We want to see you pass JUST AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO PASS, so PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE these resources. READ THE LAW CODE BEFORE TESTING. STUDY THE LAW CODE BEFORE TESTING. DO THE STATE REVIEW at the end of the academic timeline where I specifically go over the law code and ONLY THE LAW CODE. 

IF YOU NEED HELP CONTACT ME. I WILL MEET WITH YOU ONE ON ONE through virtual meeting IF NECESSARY TO HAMMER THIS LAW CODE INTO YOUR BRAIN. We don't want anyone failing PSI over something that is probably the simplest part of this beast of a test. DO NOT IGNORE THESE WARNINGS. TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE FAILING THE STATE PORTION when that can be avoided. Please contact me if you're struggling and contact me PRIOR to your test date and I will honestly make a virtual meeting appt. so we are confident you have the state portion done! Thanks!!!