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by Billy Zwiener -
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For everyone's info... who might not already be in the know, SPRUCE DOES still offer the famous "ONE DAY REVIEW"! If there was any confusion it unlocks for FREE at the end of your academic timeline when your course is completed. That's right! No need to pay for other review sessions when you have the best already at your fingertips. 

Spruce MADE the ONE DAY REVIEW famous over the past 27 years and our efforts are still going strong... we just made it better, provided it DAILY (because people TEST DAILY NOW), and limited it to JUST OUR STUDENTS. It was a major perk for YOU signing up that you might not have known of!

Don't waste extra money pre-registering with other "schools" trying to trying to trick you into paying for even more review services. YOU ALREADY PAID FOR THE ONE AND ONLY, "ONE DAY REVIEW" when you enrolled in Spruce and you will get those 10 plus hours of review materials when you complete the course. You can study on YOUR schedule for YOUR test date... and it's included with YOUR current enrollment at no extra charge! Just sit tight, realize you're in good hands, and you'll get there! It unlocks at the end of your timeline.